The catalogue was published in conjunction with the exhibition at Taipei Fine Arts Museum. From the foreword by Ping Lin, 'The exhibition "Alice's Rabbit Hole — Everyday Life, Comprehensible and Incomprehensible" engaged in a sweeping examination of the state of the everyday, fragments of life, scenarios of reality, emotions both substantive and illusory, and hybridized forms of art, and conveyed the contemporary endeavor of art to constantly challenge our attitudes towards artworks. Encompassing installations, a series of performances, actions and incidents, as well as poetry, music, dance, sound and image, these designs were alternately arranged and extemporaneous, involving performers deployed in advance or catching visitors by surprise with serendipitous encounters.' The catalogue also includes essays by Jo Hsiao, Gong Jowjiun, and Yiwei Keng, as well as photographic reproductions of the artworks.

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Alice's Rabbit Hole — Everyday Life: Comprehensible and Incomprehensible
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Alice's Rabbit Hole — Everyday Life: Comprehensible and Incomprehensible, 愛麗絲的兔子洞 — 真實生活:可理解與不可被理解的交纏

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