This book was published in conjunction with the exhibition Alternatives to Ritual at the Goethe Open Space in Shanghai from September 2012 to March 2013.

'Alternatives to Ritual, both as an exhibition and a publication, attempts to look at the crises in exhibition making and curatorial practice by proposing a reconstruction of the relationships between artists, institution and curator through exploring the exhibition format. Examining a number of artistic practices emerging in recent years that reflect on the ritual of exhibiting presented throughout this exhibition, as well as through a number of commissioned texts. This publication proposes a new understanding of what an exhibition can constitute, as well as what function curatorial practice in our current context should perform.' - from back cover.

A separate sheet presenting the ongoing project Art Worlds in the Making: From Utopia to Reality in the form of a timeline is included with this publication. The project is initiated by 3 curators, Alex Hodby, Biljana Ciric and Seng Yu to map an ongoing dialogue about significant events that shape the history of art.

Includes biographies of artists and authors, and a timeline of the exhibition.

Please note that the English/German version of this publication Alternatives to Ritual: Exhibition as a Medium in China is also in AAA's archive.


'展覧項目"慣例下的狂歡"及其同名出版物, 試圖重新審視展覽製作及策展實踐中的重重危機, 並再次於展覽的框架下, 對藝術家-機構-策展人之間的關係進行重建。

今天, 展覧本身的種種慣例正從不同層面影射出社會結構, 而這些問題則極少被提及, 更不用說從批判性的視角加以剖析。 本書邀請了多位藝術工作者撰寫文章, 希望通過他們的思考, 能夠與讀者一起展開進一步的探索: 展覧本身還有哪些可能? 在社會大環境下, 策展實踐究竟扮演何種角色?' - 書背

另附由Alex Hodby, Biljana Ciric及Seng Yu三位策展人聯合發起的藝術項目'從烏托邦到現實我們的藝術世界是如何被建構的'之插頁。 這項目以時間為綫索, 圍繞影響藝術史走向的重要事件, 展開持續性的對話。

附藝術家及作者之簡歷, 及展覽之時間軸。

亞洲藝術文獻庫同時收藏此展覧圖錄之英文/德文版 Alternatives to Ritual: Exhibition as a Medium in China
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Guan li xia de kuang huan

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Biljana CIRIC

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Chapter headings
在展覧中重建關係 - Biljana CIRIC
一個展覧框架下的多重獨奏 - Nikita Yingqian CAI, 蔡影茜
天真與經驗的機構 - SHEN Boliang, 申舶良
我還能做些甚麼? - WENG Xiaoyu, 翁笑雨
我還能做些甚麼?-高銘研個人項目介紹 - Biljana CIRIC
從來没有'藝術家'這回事 - LU Jing, 盧靜
我們的祖先-胡韻個人項目介紹 - Biljana CIRIC
我想和你談談, 但不是你們-李然個人項目
藝術系統: 在現實和想像之間 - SU Wei, 蘇偉
我想和你談談, 但不是你們-李然個人項目介紹 - Biljana CIRIC
我想和你談談, 但不是你們-劇本
我想和你談談, 但不是你們-錄像人物對白
我畫的歌德開放空間-宋拓個人項目介紹 - Biljana CIRIC
生產性焦慮, 或一種新的主奴經驗 - YANG Peichen, 楊北辰
等待一個藝術家-陸平個人項目介紹 - Biljana CIRIC
Alternatives to Ritual
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Alternatives to Ritual, 慣例下的狂歡

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