The booklet was published in conjunction with the 2013 exhibition. According to the foreword written by Biljana CIRIC, the exhibition explored and studied the Shenzhen OCT Contemporary Art Terminal as 'a model of an institution specific to the Chinese context to discuss issues relevant to institutional, artistic, and curatorial practices that intersect upon common ground, particularly in the hopes of being proactive in contributing to the larger context we are all working within.'

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Guan li xia de kuang huan

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慣例下的狂歡 | Alternatives to Ritual - Biljana CIRIC
事實的想像 | The Fiction of Facts - Nikita Yingqian CAI, 蔡影茜
對收藏的重訪 | Revisiting the Collection - Biljana CIRIC
開放的雕塑 | Open Ended Sculpture
我想跟你談談,但不是你們 | I Want to Talk to You But Not All of You - LI Ran, 李然
尋找理想的三角關係 | Love Triangle - KWOK Ying, 郭瑛
我們生產什麽? | What We Produce? - HU Yun, 胡韻
Alternatives to Ritual
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Alternatives to Ritual, 慣例下的狂歡

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