This book was published in conjunction with the exhibition Alternatives to Ritual at the Goethe Open Space in Shanghai from September 2012 to March 2013.

'Alternatives to Ritual, both as an exhibition and a publication, attempts to look at the crises in exhibition making and curatorial practice by proposing a reconstruction of the relationships between artists, institution and curator through exploring the exhibition format. Examining a number of artistic practices emerging in recent years that reflect on the ritual of exhibiting presented throughout this exhibition, as well as through a number of commissioned texts. This publication proposes a new understanding of what an exhibition can constitute, as well as what function curatorial practice in our current context should perform.' - from back cover.

A separate sheet presenting the ongoing project Art Worlds in the Making: From Utopia to Reality in the form of a timeline is included with this publication. The project is initiated by 3 curators, Alex Hodby, Biljana Ciric and Seng Yu to map an ongoing dialogue about significant events that shape the history of art.

Includes biographies of artists and authors, and a timeline of the exhibition.

Please note that the Chinese version of this publication 慣例下的狂歡 is also in AAA's archive.
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Chapter headings
Re-establishing Relationshops through Exhibition Making - Biljana CIRIC
The Multiplicity of Solos in the Framework of an Exhibition - Nikita Yingqian CAI, 蔡影茜
Institute of Innocence and Experience - SHEN Boliang, 申舶良
What Else Can I Do? - WENG Xiaoyu, 翁笑雨
What Else Can I Do? — Introduction - Biljana CIRIC
Artist Self-Introduction - GAO Mingyan, 高銘研
There is No Such Thing as an Artist - LU Jing, 盧靜
Our Ancestors — Introduction - Biljana CIRIC
Art System: Between Reality and Imagination - SU Wei, 蘇偉
I Want to Talk to You, but Not All of You — Introduction - Biljana CIRIC
I Want to Talk to You, but Not All of You — Dialog Script - LI Ran, 李然
I Want to Talk to You, but Not All of You — Interview
The Goethe Open Space I Drew — Introduction - Biljana CIRIC
Production-Based Anxiety, or a New Kind of Master-Slave Experience? - YANG Peichen, 楊北辰
Waiting for an Artist — Introduction - Biljana CIRIC
Alternatives to Ritual: Exhibition as a Medium in China
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Alternatives to Ritual: Exhibition as a Medium in China, Alternatives to Ritual: Ausstellungen als Mittel in China

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