Monograph of Amy Cheung featuring works produced between 1997 and 2007. Alice Jim writes, 'Playing devil's advocate is not an easy task at a time when the accelerating disintegration of the social, intertwined with unparalleled technological advances and the endless availability of consumable pleasures, makes attempts to arrive at a hypothesis of utopic viability or to even imagine alternative societies seem either incredibly futile and impractical, or, at the other extreme, waywardly sef-indulgent. The recent work of Amy Wan Man Cheung, however, appears to move peripatetically between these arguments while at the same time wrestle with their implications for the political. Her large-scale sculptures and public art projects entail restless and anxious oscillations between fantasy worlds and haunting reflections of life's realities, whimsical childhood fairy tales and serious sci-fi commentaries, the total enchantment of surface effects and the ironic scrutiny of both.' Artist biography is provided in the book.
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Playing Devil's Advocate

- Alice Mingwai JIM, 詹明慧

Amy Cheung: Devil's Advocate
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Amy Cheung: Devil's Advocate