This is a monograph introducing the Square Word Calligraphy, a form of writing developed by the artist and intended to fuse written English with written Chinese. Here is an extract about the writing taken from Xu Bing's official website:

'English letters are arranged in square word format to appear like Chinese characters, yet remain legible to the English speaker. When people try to recognize and write these words, some of the thinking patterns that have been ingrained in them since they learned to read are challenged. It is the artist's belief that people must have their routine thinking attacked in this way. While undergoing this process of estrangement and re-familiarizing with one's written language, one can be reminded that the sensation of distance between other systems is self-induced.'

The text of this monograph is entirely written in Square Word Calligraphy.
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An Introduction of Square Word Calligraphy by Xu Bing
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An Introduction of Square Word Calligraphy by Xu Bing