Catalogue of joint exhibition by Jiang Jie and Yu Hong at Long March Space in 2006. Zhai Yongming wrote, 'The name of the exhibition Another Look, comes from the phrase "the moonlight casts the lilies in another look of red," describing the unique characteristics developed from an alternative artistic model of the works by Jiang Jie and Yu Hong. Another Look also means the inseparableness of life, whether in form or in language. Jiang Jie and Yu Hong do not restrict their imagination and expressive power only to giving form to a concept of process. This is something refreshing in a period when contemporary art aims to "dazzle and confuse".' The catalogue consists of two volumes, one on Jiang Jie and one on Yu Hong. With artist interviews and essay by Zhai Yongming. Artist biographies are also provided.
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David TUNG, 董道茲

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Another Look

- ZHAI Yongming, 翟永明

Another Look: Exhibition of works by Jiang Jie and Yu Hong (A set of two volumes)
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Another Look: Exhibition of works by Jiang Jie and Yu Hong (A set of two volumes), 別樣: 姜杰 喻紅作品展