Transformation/Metamorphosis is the title of the artist-in-residence program implemented in autumn 2005 at Aomori Contemporary Art Centre. The artists that participated in the program 'presented diverse ways of viewing the world through various methods: transforming a space, dissimilating the commonplace, changing perception and grasping the variable world itself. The different perceptions and perspectives offered at the same time demonstrated the variability of the world. The world continuously changing is there on display.' - Kondo Yuki

The present publication is a report of Transformation/Metamorphosis. It features an exhibition held in October, together with documentation of artist talks and workshops conducted by the five participants in the program. With artist biographies.
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The Artist-in-Residence in its Fourth Year

- Goji HAMADA, 浜田剛爾

In the Changing World

- Yukio KONDO, 近藤幸夫

Layered and Connected
Vaporizing Sight
Doorway to the Uncanny
Dream's Floating Island
A Walking Romanian Sculptor of Transylvania Restorer
Aomori Contemporary Art Centre Artist in Residence Program 2005/Autumn -- Transformation/Metamorphos
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Aomori Contemporary Art Centre Artist in Residence Program 2005/Autumn -- Transformation/Metamorphosis