Catalogue published in conjunction with the exhibition 'Arab Express: The Latest Art from the Arab World' at Mori Art Museum in Tokyo from June to October 2012.

'From lifestyles to identity, the rapidly transforming Arab world possesses a diversity of cultures that cannot be overstated. And the traditions, religion, customs and aesthetics that constitute that diversity are vividly reflected in the work of the region's artists.

In the last few years, many exhibitions of contemporary art from the Arab world have been held globally, and within the region itself there are indications that the art industry is maturing, with Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art opening in Doha (Qatar) in 2010, and branches of the Louvre and the Guggenheim Museum now under construction in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). "Arab Express" introducing the artworks by 34 artists from the Arabian Peninsula and surrounding Arab countries, is the first exhibition of its kind ever to be held in Japan.' - from Mori Art Museum's website.

The catalogue is divided into three sections: Everyday Life and Environment; The Image of Arab: Gaza from Outside, Voices from Inside; and Memories and Records, Histories and the Future. Work samples of each participating artist is accompanied by a brief description of the artist and their works. Works featured in this publication include exhibited works as well as referential works. Includes a timeline of major art events and significant social and political incidents in the history of the region (in Japanese only).

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On Organizing a Contemporary Arab Art Exhibition

- Fumio NANJO, 南條史生

Introducing Contemporary Arab Art to Japan

- Kenichi KONDO, 近藤健一

Rethinking Contemporary Arab Art


Art Infrastructure in the Arab World Today

- Salwa D. MIKDADI

Arab Express: The Latest Art from the Arab World
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Arab Express: The Latest Art from the Arab World, アラブ・エクスプレス展:アラブ美術の今を知る