Catalogue of solo exhibition by Qiu Zhijie at Long March Space, Beijing in 2007. The exhibition is composed of a large-scale installation work entitled Monuments which the artist has worked on from 2006-2007. From a spatial dimension, the work covers both public discourse and individual codes; temporally, it spans the re-examination of historical narratives to contemporary vocabulary. The artist has indefatigably carved words and sentences that haunt the collective and individual memory onto the concrete monuments – as if to solidify these memories into permanence. But, he then covers the epigraph with another layer of concrete, and continues this process, layer by layer, until the epigraph is sealed and every single layer is covered by another concrete layer. Finally, only simple, concrete cubes remain.
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Archeology of  Memory: New Installation and Photography Works by Qiu Zhijie
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Archeology of Memory: New Installation and Photography Works by Qiu Zhijie, 記憶考古: 邱志傑裝置藝術展