Catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition 'Are We Working too Much?' held at Eslite Gallery in Taiwan from August to September 2013. Participating artists include Ni Xiang, Chou Yu-Cheng, Kao Jun-Honn, Hsu Che-Yu and Riverbed Theatre. Includes images of artworks in different formats such as installation, multimedia art, video art and drawing.

Also includes essays, dialogues between artists and artists' biographies.
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Wo men shi fou gong zuo guo liang? gong zuo shou ce

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Strike Work, Living Labor: A Project Outside of Modernist Aesthetics / 超工作·活勞動:一個現代主義美學外邊的計劃 - GONG Jowjiun, 龔卓軍
Unbounded Dialogue: About 'Sitting Down at IT Park' / 無盡的對話:關於【我們在伊通坐下來】這件事
However, it is Hard for me to Tell You More / 可是我很難告訴你更多 - LIN Qiaxiu, 林恰秀
Double Exchanges of the Tricks of Design / 關於設計詭計的雙重置換 - LIN Qiaxiu, 林恰秀
How to Name the Things you Haven't Discovered? / 你如何命名那些尚未尋找到的東西 - LIN Qiaxiu, 林恰秀
Unveiling Aliases, Production and Deconstruction of Diagrams / 揭開化名,示意圖的生產與後設拆解 - LIN Qiaxiu, 林恰秀
How Close Can You See Yourself? / 距離多近,才能看見自己? - LIN Qiaxiu, 林恰秀
Are We Working Too Much I: Workbook
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Are We Working Too Much I: Workbook, 我們是否工作過量?工作手冊

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