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田野手記 / Field Notes

I Would Prefer Not To......

- GONG Jowjiun, 龔卓軍

自轉星系 / Galactic Rotation

歇斯底里之前 / Before Hysterical

- Emily CHAO, 趙琍

可不可以給我喝一杯水的時間 / Please Give Me Few Minutes for a Glass of Water

- HSUEH Paohsia Ava, 薛保瑕

不行,我應該把工作和生活分開 / No, I Should Separate My Life and My Work

- Amy CHENG, 鄭慧華

關於雙盲,一個臨床的實驗 / About Double-Blind Trial, An Experiment of Clinic

- CHIN Yachun, 秦雅君

待在公務體系,需要一點幻覺 / You Need Fantasy for Staying in Bureaucratic System

- CHEN Yueh, 沈約

發條鳥記事 / Wind-up Bird Chronicle

 與羅素嗑兄丶獅子頭丶翻車魚丶牙齦魔丶浩克的合作經驗 / Cooperative Experiences with My 5 Monstrous Pals

- NI Xiang, 倪祥

有些事情,我需要詳實的紀錄下來 / There Are Some Things I Need to Keep Precise Records

- CHIANG Chunglun, 江忠倫

2010 年亞維儂/2010 Avignon Off Festival

- Joyce HO, 何采柔

新生代大崎人/New Daci Village Resident

- WANG Dingyuan, 王鼎元

看!變動的身體與角色/Look! Female Body and Role in Transition

- TSAI Hairu, 蔡海如

當代山寨 · 陸上行舟/Land Sailing Against Contemporary Gust

- LEE Hsupin, 李旭彬

全面啟動 / Total Inception

藝術工作站的工作過量 / Overworked Lives in Contemporary Art Space

- LEE Hsupin, 李旭彬

宮廷與月臺電影 / Palace and Platform Movie

- LIN Jinda, 林仁達

廢墟裡我懂了 / Awake in the Ruins

- KAO Junhonn, 高俊宏

茂伯/Uncle Mao

- SU Sam Yuhsien, 蘇育賢

 夜以昨日 / Night for Day

- Singing CHEN, 陳芯宜
Are We Working Too Much II: Field Narratives
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Are We Working Too Much II: Field Narratives, 我們是否工作過量?田野敘說