'Life and art have become significantly more political in the new millenium, especially in the aftermath of worldwide financial crisis. Art & Agenda explores the current interrelationship between art, activism, and politics. It presents new visual concepts and commentaries that are being used to represent and communicate emotionally charged topics, thereby bringing them onto local political and social agendas in a way far more powerful than words alone. 

The book looks at how art is not only reflecting and setting agendas, but also how it is influencing political reaction. Consequently, Art & Agenda is not only a perceptive documentation of current urban interventions, installations, performances, sculptures, and paintings, but also points to future forms of political discourse.

In addition to presenting the diverse work of more than 100 artists, the book features comprehensive and insightful texts by curators Pedro Alonzo, Alain Bieber, and Silke Krohn as well as by Gregor Jansen, the director of the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf.' - from the back cover
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The Commercial Aspect
I Revolt, Therefore I Am - Alain BIEBER
The Human Element
From the Object to the Concrete Intervention - WochenKlausur
Think Global, Act Local
Anger Is an Energy - Pedro ALONZO
History Repeating
Art & Agenda: Political Art and Activism
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Art & Agenda: Political Art and Activism

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