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Telling Tales: Indian women artists in exhibition

- Antonia CARVER

Epic Reality: Contemporary Indian narratives

- Robert LUNDAY

Between Here and There: The fifth Istanbul Biennial

- Vasif KORTUN

Dis/Communication: The ICC Biennale in Tokyo

- Fumihiro NONOMURA, 野々村文宏

Fast Forward: Contemporary Korean art in Toronto

- Lisa Gabrielle MARK

Making Sense: A Korean-Australian partnership

- Natalie KING, KIM Hyekyung, 김혜경

New Literati Painting: A modern tradition in Beijing

- Francesca DAL LAGO

Hong Kong Report

- Alison BENNETT

Reconsidering Asia: The Japan Foundation symposium in Tokyo

- Susan ACRET

Territory of the Mind: Japan and Asia in the 1990s

- Toshio SHIMIZU, 清水敏男

Living on the Edge: Borders and cultures in the work of Ik-Joong Kang

- Joan KEE, 奇廷泫

The Story of a Jagged Line: The art of M.F. Husain

- Sundaram TAGORE

Sign Language: Sex, politics and culture in the work of Te-cheng Lien

- Jonathan GOODMAN

River: New Asian art in Taipei

- Sophie McINTYRE

The Conductor of Grand Theatre: Zhuang Hui's photographic portraits


City Reports: Singapore and Beijing
Review: Singapore: Zulkifli Yussof: Ahmad and his Shadow at ART-2, the Substation

- Iola LENZI

Review: Australia (Melbourne): Rieko Hidaka at Monash University

- Rachel KENT

Review: Thailand (Bangkok): Vasan Sitthiket: Blacklist at Aiem Joon

- Robert PREECE

Review: Canada (Vancouver): Zhu Jinshi: Tao of Rice Paper at the Vancouver Art Gallery


Review: Australia (Sydney): Meeting at the Performance Space

- Philip O'TOOLE

Book Review: Camera Indica: The Social Life of Indian Photographs by Christopher Pinney

- Daniel HERWITZ

Book Review: Experssions and Evocations: Contemporary women artists in India, edited by Gayatri Sinha

- Zoja BOJIC

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ART AsiaPacific (No. 19; 1998)