The present issue has a focus on multimedia art in Asia.

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(Art Asia Pacific), (ArtAsiaPacific), (Art and AsiaPacific)

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Fizzle: The Third Asia-Pacific Triennial - Hannah FINK
Duplicitous Dialogue: The Asia-Pacific Triennial 1993-99 - Melissa CHIU, 招穎思
A Virtual Region: MAAP 99 and the Virtual Triennial - Linda CARROLI
The Future Looms: Creative and commercial online - Antonia CARVER
The Internet: Black hole or new frontier? - Robert BERNELL
Possibilities for Dialgoue: The 1999 ICC Biennale - Eishi KATSURA
White-Out: Dumb Type's image machine - Yukiko SHIKATA, 四方幸子
An Odd Circuit: Shu Lea Cheang's online road trip - Lawrence CHUA
The Fiction of everyday life: Video Art in the PRC - Francesca DAL LAGO
Avatars of Virtual Worlds: Japanese interactive artists - Machiko KUSAHARA, 草原真知子
The evolution of electronic art in Malaysia - Niranjan RAJAH, Hasnul Jamal SAIDON
Interface: Visions of the body and the machine - Kathy CLELAND
Korean video art now: From collage to montage - HONG Sungmin, 홍성민
Improbable Architectures: The real, the virtual and the corporate - Beth JACKSON
Review: USA (Philadelphia): Gang Zhao at Peng Gallery - Jonathan GOODMAN
Review: Australia (Sydney): Voiceovers: The 5th Guinness Contemporary Art Project at the Art Gallery of New South Wales - Courtney KIDD
Review: Australia (Tasmania): Remembering Chinese: Australian Textile Objects by Greg Kwok-Keung Leong at the University Gallery of the University of Tasmania
Review: Singapore and Thailand: Natee Utarit at Art Forum Gallery in Singapore and Numthong Gallery in Bangkok - Iola LENZI
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ART AsiaPacific (No. 27; 2000)