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Serendipity: Asian Video. Photography. Film and Installation - Shino KURAISHI, 倉石信乃
Transience and Time: A Mattress Factory Residency - Joan KEE, 奇廷泫
From Zen to Pop Culture: An Autumn in Los Angeles - Collette CHATTOPADHYAY
Twisting the Box: Centre A Reinvents the Art Museum - Paula GUSTAFSON
A Floating World: Prospects for the Future of Asian Art - Alison CARROLL
Loss and Leaving: ‘One Hundred Years After’ in the Philippines - Patrick D. FLORES
Art and Nation: ‘Nokia Singapore Art 1999’ - LEE Wengchoy, 李永財
Do You Mind My Art?: Public Art in China - WANG Val
Weaving New Links: A Tapestry Workshop in Melbourne - Christopher HEATHCOTE
In Search of Dissidence: ‘9 Lives’ at Casula Powerhouse - Ashley CARRUTHERS
Spectacles of Invisibility: the Photography of Tsang Kwong Chi and Nikki S. Lee - Irene V. SMALL
The Question of Body Ownership: Lee Bul’s Cyborgs and Monsters - Robert J. FOUSER
Duplicating Memory: Chen Shun-Chu’s Photo-Installations - Sophie McINTYRE
A Continuing Tradition: Asmat Art of Irian Jaya - Todd BARLIN
Islands of History: Two Exhibitions of Torres Strait Islander Culture - Nicholas THOMAS
An Unsettled Season: Political Art of Indonesia - Asmudjo Jono IRIANTO
Art Fair Report: Melbourne Art Fair 2000 - Helen ELLIOTT
Reviews: (Hong Kong) Huang Yan - Pamela KEMBER
Reviews: (Singapore) History Through Prints - Ray LANGENBACH
Reviews: (Hong Kong) Jimmy Ong - Iola LENZI
Reviews: (China) Cai Jin - YE Sang
Reviews: (Australia) Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner - Philip MAR
Reviews: (Singapore) The Rose Crossing - LEE Wengchoy, 李永財
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ART AsiaPacific (No. 28; 2000)