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49th Venice Biennale: Northern Hemisphere blues - Susan ACRET
Century City: Art and culture in the modern metropolis - Antonia CARVER
Public Offerings: Breakthrough works by emerging artists - Collette CHATTOPADHYAY
Ah Xian: Recent works in porcelain - Linda JAIVIN
Tracey Moffatt: Mid-career survey exhibition - M.A. GREENSTEIN
Medium(s): Asian-American artists - Dan S. WANG, 王念華
Confucian Feminists: Art as social protest - Linda CHOY
Atul Dodiya: The possibilities of political art - Ranjit HOSKOTE
Statutory Obligations: The performances of Tehching Hsieh - Ray LANGENBACH
Imran Qureshi - Virginia WHILES
Lanrence Aberhart: Macau and China - John BATTEN
The Art of Wang Zhiyuan: A state of flux - Claire ROBERTS, 羅清奇
Robyn Kahukiwa: Nurturing Maori identity - Jo DIAMOND
Exhibition Report: The 1st Auckland Triennial - Simon REES
Review: (United States) Lois Conner - Mathieu BORYSEVICZ
Review: (Singapore) Wang Guangyi - Iola LENZI
Review: (Thailand) Pinaree Sanpitak - Brian MERTENS
Review: (Malaysia) Nadiah Bamadhaj - Laura FAN
Review: (Taiwan) Peng Hung-chih - Bronwyn MAHONEY
Review: (United Kingdom) Chen Zhen - Katie HILL
Review: (Tribute) Chen Zhen - HOU Hanru, 侯瀚如
Review: (Singapore) focas - David BIRCH
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ART AsiaPacific (No. 33; Jan/Feb/Mar 2002)

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