Featuring reviews of over 20 exhibitions of contemporary Asian art, the present issues also contain articles on individual artists, events and organisations.

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The 2004 Whitney Biennial: One on One with Shamim Momin - Franklin SIRMANS
Fear of an Asian Guggenheim? Singapore Journal Silenced - Christopher Y. LEW
A Crucial Coming of Age: 'Exploring Vacuum' marks 15 Years of Cemeti Art House - Farah WARDANI
Anish Kapoor: Between Poetry and Prose - Reena JANA
Rethinking Art along the East-West Axis: The 2004 Gwangju Biennale - Iris MOON
Kim Chang-il: Redefining the Korean Collector building up an Art Collection in a crumbling market - Iris MOON
Beyond Iconography: The Power of Graffiti - Collette CHATTOPADHYAY
Urban Improv: On the Road with the Barnstormers - Alexandra CHANG
TALK: Lee Mingwei the Tourist - Eugenie TSAI
Perverse Reverse: Reagan Louie's Exoticism - Doryun CHONG, 정도련
Ai Weiwei: Beyond the Checkmate - Nataline COLONNELLO
Wilfredo Lam - John TANCOCK, 唐冠科
Ham Jin: Pretty Little Things - Joan KEE, 奇廷泫
Social Tensions: Arai Shin-ichi - Creativity and abject nationalism - Bérénice ANGREMY, 黎靜
Review (Bombay): Crossing Generations: diVERGE at the National Museum of Modern Art - Peter NAGY
Review (New York): Only Skin Deep: Changing Visions of the American Self at the International Center for Photography - Reena JANA
Review (Lucerne): me & more: The Variable Boundaries of the Self at the Museum of Art Lucerne - Xenia TETMAJER VON PRZERWA, 梅瑞婷
Review (Boston): Michael Joo at MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge
Review (Jakarta): Common Ground: Aspects of Contemporary British and Indonesian Muslim Experiences at the National Museum - Rifky EFFENDY
Review (Yogyakarta): 7th Yogyakarta Biennial at the Yogyakarta Cultural Center - Rifky EFFENDY
Review (Beijing): Left Wing: An Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art at the Left Bank Community
Review (Singapore): Lee Wen 'Strange Fruit' at the Substation Gallery - HO Tzu Nyen, 何子彥
Review (Seoul): Lee Ki-young 'Ink Flower' at Artforum Newgate - Iris MOON
Review (Yamaguchi): Inauguration Projects at the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media
Review (New Delhi): Pushpamala N. at various location in the city - Karin ZITZEWITZ
Review (Philadelphia): Yoon Kwang-Cho at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Review (New York): Seong Chun 'Perpetually Shifting Formations' at Caren Golden Fine Art - David HUNT
Review (New York): Tiong Ang at Florence Lynch Gallery - Robert C. MORGAN, 摩根羅伯特
Review (New York): Marking: Drawings by Contemporary Artists from Korea at the Korea Society - Shinyoung CHUNG
Review (New York): Cai Jin at Michael Goedhuis - Jonathan GOODMAN
Review (New York): Between the Lines: Paintings and Sculptures by Hilda Shen, Pang Tao and Shen Chen at China 2000 - Lilly WEI, 魏愷
Review (New York): Paradise/Illusion: Sculpture by Liu Jianhua and Ink Paintings by Peng Wei at Plum Blossoms Gallery - Priya MALHOTRA
Review (New York): Koo Jeong-a at TRANS area and Yvon Lambert Gallery - Paul LASTER
Review (New York): Kunie Sugiura at Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + projects - Lisa VARGHESE
Jian Jie: BE at the Toronto Sculpture Garden - Deirdre HANNA
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Art AsiaPacific (No. 40; Spring 2004)

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