Focus on the Asia-Pacific Triennial and the Asia Society 'Traditions/ Tensions' exhibition.

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Bombay Report (A hectic season) - Kamala KAPOOR
Modernity and Beyond (The inaugural exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum) - Emmanuel TORRES
Jump Start Art ('A Century of Art in Singapore' exhibition) - LEE Wengchoy, 李永財
Channels and Confluences (A new book on the history of Singaporean Art) - Laura FAN
Amidst Seas and Skies (Casino art in New Zealand) - William McALOON
Copyrites (Irreproducing Aboriginal art) - Henrietta FOURMILE
Psychic Decolonisation (Hong Kong artist Luis Chan in Retrospect) - David CLARKE, 祈大衛
Cultural Crossfire (The curatorial travels of Apinan Poshyananda) - Timothy MORRELL
Gesture Performance Behaviour Attitude (Asian influences on contemporary western art) - Kim LEVIN
Between th Cracks (Art and method in Southeast Asia) - Julie EWINGTON
Flim-Flam and Fabrication (An interview with Korean artist Choi Jeong Hwa) - James B. LEE
Taxi Art in Thailand (Navin Rawanchaikol's social research) - Anne KIRKER
Dung Heap (Sensuality and violence in the art of Sheela Gowda) - Victoria LYNN
The Knots are Many but the Thread is One (Mrinalini Mukherjee's hemp Sculpture) - Deepak ANANTH
The Burden of Javanese Exotica (The traditional aesthetic of Nindityo Adipurnomo) - Enin SUPRIYANTO
Exhibition Report: The Asia Society -- Traditions and Tensions - Vishakha N. DESAI
Reviews: (Japan) Saburo Murakami - Madoka MORIGUCHI, 森口まどか
Reviews: (United States) Sowon Kwon's Interior Schemes - Alice YANG, 楊蕙如
Reviews: (United States) Manu Parekh - Cornelia RAVENAL
Reviews: (Australia) Luo Zhongli - SHEN Jiawei, 沈嘉蔚
Reviews: (Australia) Kate Beyon: Telling Stories - Natalie KING
Reviews: (Malaysia) Battle Moves - Laura FAN
ART AsiaPacific (Vol. 3, No. 4; 1996)
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ART AsiaPacific (Vol. 3, No. 4; 1996)

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