The Archive holds the following issues of Art China:

2001: Inaugural issue(2 copies)

2002(Vol.1): Jan/Feb(2 copies), Mar/Apr(2 copies), May/Jun(2 copies), Jul/Aug(2 copies), Sept/Oct(2 copies), Nov/Dec(2 copies)

2003(Vol.2): Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/Jun, Jul/Aug(2 copies), Sept/Oct, Nov/Dec (2 copies)

2004(Vol.3): Jan/Feb(2 copies), Mar/Apr(2 copies), May/Jun(2 copies), Jul/Aug(2 copies), Sept/Oct(2 copies), Nov/Dec(2 copies)

2005(Vol.4): Jan/Feb(2 copies), Mar/Apr, Jul/Aug, Sept/Oct(2 copies)

2006(Vol.5): Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr(2 copies), May/Jun, Jul/Aug(2 copies), Sept/Oct(2 copies), Nov/Dec

2007(Vol.6): Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/Jun, Jul/Aug, Sept/Oct(2 copies), Nov/Dec

2008(Vol.7): Jan(2 copies), Feb(2 copies), Mar(2 copies), Apr(2 copies), May(2 copies), Jun(2 copies), Jul(2 copies), Aug(2 copies), Sept(no.46, 2 copies), Oct(no.47, 2 copies), Nov(no.48, 2 copies), Dec(no.49, 2 copies)

2009(Vol.8): Jan(no.50, 2 copies), Feb/Mar(no.51, 2 copies), Apr(no.52, 2 copies), May(no.53, 2 copies), Jun(no.54, 2 copies), Jul/Aug(no.55, 2 copies), Sept(no.56, 2 copies), Oct(no.57, 2 copies), Nov(no.58, 2 copies), Dec(no.59, 2 copies)

2010(Vol.9): Jan(no.60, 2 copies), Feb-Mar(no.61, 2 copies), Apr(no.62, with supplement), May(no.63), Jun(no.64), Jul(no.65, 2 copies), Sept(no.66, 2 copies), Oct(no.67, 2 copies). Nov(no.68), Dec(no.69)

2011(Vol.10): Jan(no.70), Feb(no.71, 2 copies), Mar(no.72), Apr(no.73), May(no.74), Jun(no.75, 2 copies), Sept(no.76)

2012(Vol.11): Jan(no.80), Feb(no.81), Mar(no.82), Apr(no.83), May(no.84), Jun(no.85), Jul(no.86), Aug(no.87), Sept(no.88), Dec(no.89)

2013(Vol.12): Jan(no.90), Feb(no.91), Apr(no.92), May(no.93), Jun(no.94), Jul(no.6/no.95), Sept(no.7/no.96), Oct(no.8/no.97), Nov(no.9/no.98)

2014(Vol.13): Jan(no.1/no.100), Mar(no.2/no.101), Apr(no.3/no.102), May(no.4/no.103), Jun(no.5/no.104), Jul(no.6/no.105), Sept(no.7/no.106), Oct(no.8/no.107), Nov(no.9/108) Dec(no.10/no.109)

2015(Vol.14): Jan(no.1/no.110), Mar(no.2/no.111), Apr(no.3/no.112), May(no.4/no.113), Jun(no.5/no.114), Jul(no.6/no.115), Sept(no.7/no.116), Oct(no.8/no.117), Nov(no.9/no.118), Dec(no.10/no.119)

2016(Vol.15): Jan(no.1/no.120), Feb(no.2/no.121), Apr(no.3/no.122), Jul(no.6/no.125), Sept(no.7/no.126), Nov(no.9/no.128), Dec(no.10/no.129)

2017(Vol.16): Jan(no.1/no.130), Feb(no.2/no.131), Apr(no.3/no.132), May(no.4/no.133), Jun(no.5/no.134), Jul(no.6/no.135), Sep(no.7/no.136), Nov(no.8/No.137), Dec(no.10/No.139)

2018(Vol.17): Jan(no.1), Feb(no.2), Mar(no.3), May(no.4), Jun(no.5), Jul(no.6), Sep(no.7), Dec(no.10)

2019(Vol.18): Jan(no.1), Mar(no.2), May(no.3), July(no.4), Sep(no.5), Nov(no.6)

2020(Vol.19): Jan(no.1), Mar(no.2), Jul(no.4), Nov(no.6)

2021(Vol.20): Mar(No.2), May(No.3), Jul(No.4)

Note: The magazine was bi-monthly published from 2001 to 2007. It's monthly published since 2008.

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Yi shu dang dai

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Art China (China) (All holdings in AAA)
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Art China (China) (All Holdings), 藝術當代

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