This issue features an article on Japanese artist, Atsuko Tanaka, one of the members of the Gutai group, a pioneering avant-garde art group established in Japan in the 1950s. The first solo exhibition of Tanaka in North America, entitled Electrifying Art: Atsuko Tanaka 1954-1968 is held at the Grey Art Gallery of New York University and the Belkin Art Gallery of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada in the fall of 2004.

Exhibition reviews include: Los Angeles-based, Japanese-American artist Gajin Fujita at Kravets/Wehby in New York; Korean Born New York based artist Woong Kim at Howard Scott in New York; and Indian artist Kanishka Raja at Allston Skirt in Boston.

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Circuitries of Colour - Janet KOPLOS
Gajin Fujita at Kravets/Wehby - Sarah VALDEZ
Woong Kim at Howard Scott - Jonathan GOODMAN
Kanishka Raja at Allston Skirt - Ann LLOYD
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Art in America (Vol. 92, No. 10 / Nov 2004)