This is a book of interviews with artists or creators in which they talk about the land, the history and their connections to the place. 12 artists and curators are interviewed, whose backgrounds and artworks vary from different generations. The authors try to draw a general image among them and to map out the image of 'Taiwanese', provided with some identical and some different descriptions for the same phenomenon. The operation looks to loose up the stereotypical beliefs among Taiwanese while encouraging a position of 'out here' of the interviewees. Standing outside of their selves leads to the possibility of a new perspective.


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田, Field, Policko | 田, Field, Políčko | Tai bei de yi shu

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Critical point of view by Zoe Yeh - Chiajung YEH, 葉佳蓉
Story o poli_story about the project
Zi-an Chen makes revolution of the book
Yao Jui Chung / 姚瑞中
Yu Chen Ta / 余政達
Sam Su / 蘇育賢
Tsui Kuang Yu / 崔廣宇
Teng Yu Chin / 曾御欽
Lin Hong John / 林宏璋
Wu Chi Tsung / 吳季璁
Muchi Hsieh / 謝牧岐
Yang Mao Lin / 楊茂林
Huang Hua Chen / 黃華真
Wu Darkuen / 吳達坤
Amy Cheng / 鄭慧華
Art in Taipei
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Art in Taipei, 台北的藝術

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