'Taking as its premise that the proposed geologic epoch of the Anthropocene is necessarily an aesthetic event, this book explores the relationship between contemporary art and knowledge production in an era of ecological crisis. Art in the Anthropocene brings together a multitude of disciplinary conversations, convening artists, curators, scientists, theorists and activists to address the geological reformation of the human species.' - from the back cover

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Series: Critical Climate Change

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Art and Death: Lives Between the Fifth Assessment and the Sixth Extinction - Heather DAVIS, Etienne TURPIN
Edenic Apocalypse: Singapore's End-of-Time Botanical Tourism - Natasha MYERS
Diplomacy in the Face of Gaia - Bruno LATOUR, Heather DAVIS
Becoming Aerosolar: From Solar Sculptures to Cloud Cities - Tomas SARACENO, Sasha ENGELMANN, Bronislaw SZERSZYNSKI
In the Planetarium: The Modern Museum on the Anthropocenic Stage - Vincent NORMAND
Physical Geology/The Library - Ilana HALPERIN
The Existence of the World is Always Unexpected - Jean-Luc NANCY, John Paul RICCO
Cloud Writing: Describing Soft Architectures of Change in the Anthropocene - Ada SMAILBEGOVIC
The Cerumen Strata: From Figures to Configurations - Vi LE, Richard STREITMATTER-TRAN
Geochemistry and Other Planetary Perspectives - Ursula BIEMANN
Images Do Not Show: The Desire to See in the Anthropocene - Irmgard EMMELHAINZ
The Fates of Negativity - Etienne TURPIN, Anselm FRANKE
Design Specs in the Anthropocene: Imagining the Force of 30,000 Years of Geologic Change - Jamie KRUSE
The Marfa Stratum: Contribution to a Theory of Sites - Fabien GIRAUD, Ida SOULARD
On the Building, Crashing, and Thinking of Technologies and Selfhood - Peter L. GALISON, Etienne TURPIN
We're Tigers - HO Tzu Nyen, 何子彥
Technologies of Uncertainty in the Search for MH370 - Lindsay BREMNER
Last Clouds - Karolina SOBECKA
Islands and Other Invisible Territories - MAP Office
Plants that Evolve (in some way or another) - mixrice, 믹스라이스
Indigenizing the Anthropocene - Zoe TODD
Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Chthulhocene - Donna HARAWAY, Martha KENNEY
Ecologicity, Vision, and the Neurological System - Amanda BOETZKES
My Mother's Garden: Aesthetics, Indigenous Renewal, and Creativity - Laura HALL
A History According to Cattle - Terike HAAPOJA, Laura GUSTAFSSON
PostNatural Histories - Etienne TURPIN, Emily KUTIL, Richard W. PELL
The Anthropocene: A Process-State at the Edge of Geohistory? - Peter SLOTERDIJK
Public Song - Amy BALKIN
Life and Death in Anthropocene: A Short History of Plastic - Heather DAVIS
Ecosystems of Excess - Pinar YOLDAS
The Last Political Scene - Sylvere LOTRINGER, Etienne TURPIN, Heather DAVIS
#MISANTHROPOCENE: 24 Theses - Joshua CLOVER, Juliana SPAHR
Art in the Anthropocene: Encounters Among Aesthetics, Politics, Environments and Epistemologies
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Art in the Anthropocene: Encounters Among Aesthetics, Politics, Environments and Epistemologies

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