This is a bilingual quarterly art magazine published in Japan. In this issue, the special feature is the Gundam: Generating Futures exhibition.

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Jul 2005

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Gundam, moving out!
Gundam: Generating Futures
First encounters with Gundam: Bose/Fukui Harutoshi/Michael Cheung
Gundam exhibition survey
The making of Gundam: Generating Futures - Shinichi UCHIDA, 內田伸一
30 keywords for understanding the Gundam exhibition
Venice: A new generation of Asian artists - CHE Kyongfa, 최경화, Takashi SHINKAWA, 新川貴詩
Tsumura Kosuke: Fantasy Mode to Order 02 Guest: Tsuruta Mayu
No holds barred! Tsuzuki Kyoichi on contemporary art Round 7: The author discovers the Bangkok source of famous paintinngs - Kyoichi TSUZUKI, 都築響一
Curator Interview 7: Azumaya Takashi - Yuri SHIRASAKA, 白坂ゆり
Behind the Scenes #003: Is ICC closing? - Tetsuya OZAKI, 小崎哲哉
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ART iT (Vol. 3, No. 3; Summer/Fall 2005)

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