'His topics include the continuing development of the Pop sensibility, new attitudes towards the representation of reality in art, the politics of shock, the apparent revival of classicism in a new post-modern guise, and the romance which many experimental artists are now conducting with science, in particular with the science of genetics. The book looks at art as it now exists in what has been called a "post-media" situation, where the artists feels free to employ a very wide variety of techniques (photography, video, performance, installation, computer digitisation), as well as traditional means of art-making, such as paint on canvas. It also takes into account the globalisation of art. There are illustrations here from every continent. They include images from countries which have only very recently become participants in the world of contemporary art, such as China and Iran.'  - Extract from back cover.
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Chapter headings
Art for the 21st Century
Museums and Public Spaces
The Heritage of Pop
Representation of Reality
Looking at the Past
The Politics of Shock
The Body and Identity
Art of Science
New Geography
Art Tomorrow
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Art Tomorrow

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Edward Lucie-smith introduces his new book Art Tomorrow

Edward Lucie-smith introduces his new book Art Tomorrow

Mon, 2 Dec 2002

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