This issue features the booming of biennials in Asia.
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Serial thrillers and the art of the steal - Jeffrey HANTOVER
Beijing's first gallery celebrates 15 years - Carol Yinghua LU, 盧迎華
Malaysian ministry of culture visits New York - Gregory GALLIGAN
Asian art treads trans-Atlantic waters - Don COHN, Elaine W. NG, 伍穎瑜
Cemeti art house wins ACC Award, spurs quake relief - Andrew MAERKLE
Crystal ball enlightens London public - Bridget CRONE
Indian painter incites religious controversey - Deeksha NATH
Dubai emerges as middle east contemporary art center - Murtaza VALI
Shin Sang Ok, 1926-2006 - Andy CUSHMAN
Indonesia's biennale bubble - Farah WARDANI
Christie's dizzying heights - EMERLING Susan
Cao Fei: global player - Carolee THEA
Guan Wei's perilous journeys - Melanie EASTBURN
Soi Sabai's temporary art connections - David TEH
Sudarshan Shetty: toying with objects - Murtaza VALI
Yoshinaga Masayuki and the pageantry of speed - Eric C. SHINER
Distance up close: the Asian biennials - Gregory BURKE
Curating by committee: behind Asia's biennials - Andrew MAERKLE
Tian Yibin in a sea of revolutionary pixels - Don COHN
Indian's new progressives - Nancy ADAJANIA
Continental drift: the Ullens Center for the arts - Elaine W. NG, 伍穎瑜
Gonkar Gyatso: from Lhasa to London - Clare HARRIS
Review (Auckland): Simon Denny: Old things at Michael Lett Gallery - Sally MCINTYRE
Islanded: contemporary art from New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan - Louise MENZIES
MOT annual 2006: No border at Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo - Kenichi KONDO, 近藤健一
Divine comedy: a retrospetive of Bahc Yiso at Rodin Gallery - Iris MOON
Hyper reality: contemporary images from the museum collection at Taipei Fine Arts Museum - David FRAZIER
Li Wei: a pause for humanity at 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong - Caroline CHIU, 趙汝賢
Konstantin Bessmertny at Amelia Johnson Gallery, Hong Kong - Caroline CHIU, 趙汝賢
Fancy dream at Marella Gallery, Beijing - Carol Yinghua LU, 盧迎華
Michael Shaowanasai: Good: new paintings 2549 at Numthong Gallery, Bangkok - David TEH
Anish Kapoor: My red homeland at Centro de Arte Contemporaneo de Malaga - Sara RAZA
Tim Lee at Lisson Gallery, London - Sally LAI, 賴婉兒
Ranjani Shettar at Talwar Gallery, New York - Courtney MARTIN
Film review: Lady vengeance - Andrew MAERKLE
Book review: Palestinian art - Jessica KRAFT
Ujino Muneteru - Andrew MAERKLE
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ArtAsiaPacific (No. 50; Fall 2006)

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