'What does it mean to say that some of the best Chinese contemporary art is made in America, by Americans? Through words and images, this book challenges the artificial and narrowly conceived definitions of Chinese contemporary art that dominate current discussion, revealing the great diversity of Chinese art today and showing just how complex and uncertain the labels "contemporary," "Chinese," and "American" have become.

This volume features contributions from six artists and eight scholars who participated in a 2009 symposium held in conjunction with the Princeton University Art Museum exhibition Outside In: Chinese × American × Contemporary Art. Four of these artists are ethnically Chinese, yet all are U.S. citizens. All of the artists are steeped in Chinese artistic traditions in terms of style, subject matter, or philosophical outlook, and yet all of the works in the exhibition were made or conceived in the United States. Here they discuss their art and careers with rare depth and candor, addressing diversity, ethnicity, identity, and other issues. The academic contributors bring a variety of perspectives—Chinese and American, art historical and political—to bear on the common but limiting practice of classifying such art and artists as "Chinese," "American," or "Chinese American." Revealing and celebrating the fluidity of who can be considered a Chinese artist and what Chinese art might be, these artists' and scholars' presentations broaden our understanding and appreciation of Chinese contemporary art.' (Front flap)

10 colour illustrations, 172 halftones. With contributors' biographies and list of Chinese characters.
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From Fengshui to Fractals: A User's Guide to Chinese Landscape Painting

- Arnold CHANG, 張洪

The Sun Is Not So Central

- Michael CHERNEY, 秋麥

Conversation with Jerome Silbergeld

- LIU Dan, 劉丹

Transcending the Political Barrier of Beauty: Cultural Authenticity and the Chinese State

- Richard Curt KRAUS

Landscape Painting as Cultural Consciousness in Contemporary Chinese Art

- SHEN Kuiyi, 沈揆一

New Journey to the West

- ZHENG Shengtian, 鄭勝天

Understanding Humanity through Cultural Convergence and Intersection

- LIN Zhi, 林志

Painting the Words

- Vannessa TRAN

Blurring the Boundary between Yesterday and Today, for Tomorrow

- ZHANG Hongtu, 張宏圖

The Nuance of Individual Experience: Identity and the Works of Zhi Lin, Vanessa Tran, and Zhang Hongtu

- Britta ERICKSON, 林似竹

Neither Here nor There: China, Global Culture, and the End of American Art

- Rachael Z. DELUE

Taking Sides: Toward Questions Regarding a World Art

- Cary Y. LIU

ARTiculations: Undefining Chinese Contemporary Art
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ARTiculations: Undefining Chinese Contemporary Art