'Artist of the Year' is an annual solo exhibition established in 1995 by the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea. This catalogue is published in conjunction with an exhibition that gathers representative works of 23 past Artists of the Year. Artist biographies are included. A list of works, installation views and a bibliography (in Korean) are also provided.
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A Story of 23 Artists: Artist of the Year 1995-2010 - PARK Soojin, 박수진
The Background and Philosophy of the Artist of the Year - OH Kwangsu, 오광수
Supporting Artist of the Year Together with Everyone - HA Kyehoon, 하계훈
1995: Jheon Soo-Cheon - CHOI Eunju, 최은주
1996: Yoon Jeong-Seop - CHOI Eunju, 최은주
1997: Whang In-Kie - KIM Youngna, 김영나
1998: Kwon Young-Woo - JUNG Junmo, 정준모
1999: Kim Ho-Suk - CHANG Youngjun, 장영준
2000: Noh Sang-Kyoon - LEE Chuyoung, 이추영
2000: Lee Bae - JUNG Junmo, 정준모
2001: Kwon Ok-Youn - CHOI Eunju, 최은주
2001: Chun Kwang-Young - KIM Yeonhee, 김연희
2002: Seung H-Sang - LEE Chuyoung, 이추영
2002: Jeon Hyeok-Lim - Jienne LIU
2003: Kwak Duck-Jun - KANG Soojung, 강수정
2003: Han Mook - KI Hyekyung, 기혜경
2004: Kim Yik-Yung - PARK Mihwa, 박미화
2004: Yoon Kwang-Cho - PARK Mihwa, 박미화
2004: Jeong Jeom-Shik - KIM Inhye, 김인혜
2005: Suh Se-Ok - KIM Inhye, 김인혜
2005: Lee Jong-Gu - RYU Hanseung, 류한승
2006: Chung Hyun - PARK Soojin, 박수진
2007: Jung Yeon-Doo - RYU Hanseung, 류한승
2008: Chang Yeon-Soon - KIM Jiyoung, 김지영
2009: Suh Yong-Sun - KIM Kyoungwoon, 김경운
2010: Park Ki-Won - PARK Youngran, 박영란
Artist of the Year 1995-2010
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Artist of the Year 1995-2010, 올해의 작가 23인의 이야기

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