The current issue contains features of the Monsoon Collection in London, which brings together contemporary art from Asia and Latin America, and of Lionel Wendt, the modernist photographer of Sri Lanka.

There is a review of the exhibition Reformasi: Contemporary Indonesian Artists held at the Sculpture Square in Singapore. Interviews with the curators of the exhibitions Sanyu: L'Ecriture du Corps held at Musee Guimet and The Monk and the Demon held at the Musee d'Art Contemporain de Lyon.

Review of the Hong Kong Spring auctions is included. Information of exhibitions related to contemporary Asian art is listed in the 'Chapter Headings'.
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The Monsoon Collection

- Francesca FEARON

Lionel Wendt: Modernist Photographer of Sri Lanka

- Yvonne TAN


- Yvonne TAN

Sanyu: L'Ecriture de Corps (Interview with the curator, Jean-Paul Desroches)
The Monk and the Demon (Interview with the curator, Fei Dawei)
Driven to Abstraction at Hanga Ten Gallery in London (abstract works by contemporary Japanese artists)
Love the Cosmos: The Art of Chao Chun-Hsiang
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Asian Art Newspaper (Vol. 7, Issue 8; Jun 2004)