This book presents the work of mixrice, a collective from Korea whose practice deals with the issue of foreign labour by engaging migrant communities in cities such as Maseok, Seoul, and Cairo. Past projects and exhibitions are chronicled through images, records of dialogues, reprinted texts from journals and blogs, and other documentation. The book was published following the exhibition 'mixrice Report: Welcome, My Friend!' at Art Space Pool, Seoul, from November to December 2010.

'The praxis of mixrice (Cho Jieun and Yang Chulmo, active since 2002, based in Seoul) operates in the intersection of migration, personal archiving and participatory workshops. mixrice positions themselves as a program organizer and a social mediator who integrates personal and collective archives of memory by operating diverse strategies of dialogues, gatherings, graphic design, photography, video, comics, murals, interventionist street performances, etc. In approaching the issue of migration, mixrice focuses on the tension between the sense of displacement and appropriation in one's identity and memory.' - excerpt from front flap
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Very Badly Flattened Ground

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What We Encountered - mixrice, 믹스라이스
Underground Tunnel, 2010, Dialogue Log - mixrice, 믹스라이스, Phillip RIZK
mixrice Meets (Korean text only) - KIM Heejin, 김희진
'The Illegal Lives': Art within a Community of Others - MOON Youngmin, 문영민
2010 Pool Production Transversal Series 'mixrice report: welcome, my friend!'
The Thing that Makes Us Move - mixrice, 믹스라이스, J. ALLAM
Local Regeneration and Community Arts (1) Public Art - KIM Yongik, 김용익
Local Regeneration and Community Arts (2) Public Art - KIM Yongik, 김용익
Words of Mentorship (To the Public Arts Group NNR) Public Art - KIM Yongik, 김용익
The Wind Passing Through at 7 PM
Badly Flattened Land
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Badly Flattened Land

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