The most comprehensive survey of Bae Young-whan's work to date, this book was initiated from a process of compiling and translating articles about his work, beliefs and visions, many written by his friends and fellows. Kang Tae-hui, a professor at Korea National University of Arts, was asked to contribute an article encompassing Bae's multifarious oeuvre so far, expanding upon lesser known and overlooked elements of his art.

'This book intends to summarize Bae Young-whan's works and projects realized so far as well as to elaborate his thoughts, practices and a utopia he yearns to realize, his endeavor and belief to create a different world among the humble lives of those estranged from the society. In his work, Bae observes and deals with difficulties that a man suffers in Korean society and his struggles from a compassionate viewpoint unique to him.' - excerpt from foreword by Kim Sunjung

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Do You Believe in Art? - KANG Taehi, 강태희
Subtle Rebellion or Prescription for Reality: From Pop Song to Insomnia – Bae Young-whan's Reading of the World - SHIM Sangyong, 심상용
Rebel Without a Cause/Loser With a Cause - Charles ESCHE
The Way of Man - PARK Chankyong, 박찬경
Life of Common Sense, Artist of Common Sense - SEO Dongjin, 서동진
Bae Young-whan's Sub-art?!! - BECK Jeesook, 백지숙
Here is the Open Ground, Jump Here - LEE Jaehyun, 이재현
Interview 1 - James B. LEE
Interview 2 - KIM Sunjung, 김선정
Bae Young-whan 97-08
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Bae Young-whan 97-08, 배영환

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