'In early 2020 we scheduled the 2nd edition of Bazar Art Book Fair for early July; The year everyone faced the global pandemic in one way or another, and all the uncertainty it brought with itself!
It soon became clear that the fair could not be held, at least physically. Therefore, we decided to arrange the 2020 Bazar in a different format. In this book/catalog, each participant has a double-sided sheet instead of the usual table in the fair. These pages and their layout was designed by the participants.
Seventy-one contributors have responded to our open call by sending us their printable material. There was no selection process and everyone was welcome to contribute to this book, as they would have been welcome to take part in a physical fair.'—from BAZAR Art Book Fair's website

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Bazar Book 2020
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BAZAR Book 2020, کتاب بازار ۱۳۹۹

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