This book is an outcome of a program co-organized by Jacquelynn Bass and Mary Jane Jacob entitled 'Awake: Art, Buddhism, and the Dimensions of Consciousness'. From April 2001 to February 2003 this consortium effort brought together arts professionals, artists, and others to investigate the relationship between the meditative, creative, and perceiving mind; and the implications of Buddhist perspectives for artistic and museum practices in the United States. It led to more than fifty exhibitions, performances, and public programs from 2002 to 2004.

Buddha Mind in Contemporary Art documents the growing presence of Buddhist perspectives in contemporary culture. This shift began in the nineteenth century and is now pervasive in many aspects of everyday experience. In the arts especially, the increasing importance of process over product has promoted a profound change in the relationship between artist and audience. But while artists have been among the most perceptive interpreters of Buddhism in the West, art historians and critics have been slow to develop the intellectual tools to analyze the impact of Buddhist concepts. This multi-faceted volume explores the relationships between Buddhist practice and the contemporary arts in lively essays by writers from a range of disciplines and in revealing interviews with some of the most influential artists of our time. Elucidating the common ground between the creative mind, the perceiving mind, and the meditative mind, the contributors tackle essential questions about the relationship of art and life.

Brief biographies of the authors, editors and artists are provided in the book. With artists interviews by Mary Jane Jacob.
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Nowhere from Here: Contemporary Art and Buddhism

- Jacquelynn BAAS

Sip My Ocean: Emptiness as inspiration


If You Depict a Bird, Give It Space to Fly: On Mind, Meditation, and Art

- Eleanor ROSCH

Upper West Side Buddhism

- Arthur C. DANTO

Shaping the Unbounded: One Life, One Art


No Title

- Marcia TUCKER

Intimate, Immediate, Spontaneous, Obvious: Educating the Unknowing Mind

- Carol BECKER

Having it Good: Reflections on Engaged Art and Engaged Buddhism

- Suzanne LACY

Time and Beauty


Fire Down Below and Watering, That's Life: A Buddhist Reader's Response to Marcel Duchamp

- LEE Tosi

Seeing the Light: Photography as Buddhist Practice


Reading as a Buddhist

- Linda V. BAMBER

In the Space of Art

- Mary Jane JACOB

Buddha Mind in Contemporary Art
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Buddha Mind in Contemporary Art