The Busan Sculpture Project is a special exhibition of the Busan Biennale. With the theme Homage to the Earth, the exhibition attempts to raise awareness about the earth, the global environment, the earth's atmosphere, and ecological order of all creatures.

Homage to the Earth showcases 20 artists from 12 countries. Through their art, each artist will focus on the importance of the natural environment, highlighting the message of becoming responsible guardians of the Planet Earth. To facilitate this theme, and stress our relationship with the natural world, the exhibition is composed of site-specific earth artworks located throughout the APEC Naru Park along the Suyoung River.

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Homage to the Earth - LEE Taeho, 이태호
Sculpture Park, Can it be an oxygen tank for the city? - CHOI Taeman, 최태만
Busan Sculpture Project Symposium: 'Living space where works, viewers and the environment are mingled in harmony
Busan Biennale 2006 | Busan Sculpture Project: Homage to the Earth
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Busan Biennale 2006 | Busan Sculpture Project: Homage to the Earth, 2006 부산비엔날레 부산조각프로젝트: 대지어의 경의

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