'"Garden of Learning / Busan Biennale 2012" stems from a slow, largely improvised exhibition process involving around 80 people from Busan and wider Korea, a comparatively small number of artists... Collaborating closely in a body called Learning Council (LC), these people shared their doubts about the relevance of the Biennale-type exhibition, explored possibilities for reaching a wider community and learned about various artistic approaches to the realities that keep challenging us.

'The main exhibition, also titled "Garden of Learning," is being held at Busan Museum of Art. It is meant to look like a modest museum collection, and features around 41 participating artists. The decision to make a Biennale-type exhibition as a global museum collection was taken by the LC as a way of reinforcing the dignity of public institutions in the face of both market forces and populist demands.' (from the official website)

Text by Roger M. Buergel. Photographs from the exhibition and artist biographies included. Please note that only Asian artists are indicated below.

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The Basic Premise for the Creative City

- HUR Namsik, 許南植

Choice and Adventure

- LEE Dooshik, 이두식

Introductory Notes I, II, III
(Busan Biennale 2012: Garden of Learning)
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Busan Biennale 2012: Garden of Learning, 부산비엔날레 2012: 배움의 정원