According to the author, the exhibition C04: Taiwan Avant-Garde Documenta II: Nexus - Next to Us! fails to initiate ideas. She gives her views on the 7 shows of the exhibition, and is particularly concerned about the curatorship of these shows.

The titles of the shows are listed below:

Media Cramp curated by Yuan Goang-ming
Lost Words curated by Wang Pin-hua
Petting Creature Liberation curated by Mei Dean-E
State in Progress: Penetration and Connection curated by Chang Hui-lan
Leisure, Celebration, Blessing curated by Pan Hsiao-hsueh
Sale, Art, Exposition curated by Li Szu-hsien
Fantasy and Object curated by Gu Zhenqing
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28 Nov 2004

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Taipei Times, 28 Nov 2004, p. 19

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C04 is a stink bomb

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