'Ten international art related professions consider the increased influence of independent curators and cultural producers and how the role of the 'curator' has changed over the last ten years. Using examples from past exhibitions and personal experiences, the writers address how working within an institution differs from being independent, the difficulties of balancing artistic vision with expectations of funders and institutions, and the ethical issues of working with artists and collectors, among many other subjects.' (Back cover, Cautionary Tales: Critical Curating)

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Preface - Steven RAND
Introduction - Heather KOURIS
The Bias of the World: Curating After Szeemann & Hopps - David STRAUSS
Who Cares? Understanding the Role of the Curator Today - Kate FOWLE
Independent Curatorship - Jean-Hubert MARTIN
The Curator as Iconoclast - Boris GROYS
Curating: In the Public Sphere - Geeta KAPUR

Editing as Metaphor

- Andras SZANTO
Why Curators Matter - David CARRIER
Beau Monde, Upon Reflection - Dave HICKEY
Independent Curating Within Institutions Without Walls - Sara ARRHENIUS
Curating in a Global Age - LEE Youngchul, 이영철
Cautionary Tales: Critical Curating
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Cautionary Tales: Critical Curating

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