Published to accompany the retrospective exhibition of Taiwanese photographer Chang Chao-Tang at Taipei Fine Arts Museum from September to December 2013. The exhibition was titled 'TIME: The Images of Chang Chao-Tang, 1959-2013'.

Starting being a photographer since the late 1950s, Chang has been practicing photography for more than 50 years and has become one of the most well-known photographers in the region. His photographic works show strong sensitivities towards the flip between reality and non-reality, existentialism, and the notion of documentation as well. The exhibition showcases more than 400 photographic works as well as a number of documentaries, installations, and television programmes the artist has made, two re-installments of two early exhibitions of the artist, and a series of archival documents, all of which put the artist's career into a wider framework of the development of Taiwanese photography and moving image.

This catalogue is divided into two volumes, the first containing essays, plates, and an artist's biography, while the second features short articles written by Chang's friends (among whom are fellow artists, curators, gallerists, collectors, and academics) upon his invitation.

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TIME: The Images of Chang Chao-Tang, 1959-2013 | 歲月/照堂:1959-2013
Regarding Time | 關於歲月 - CHANG Chaotang, 張照堂
No Sound for the Greatest Music, No Shape for the Greatest Appearance - Chang Chao-Tang's Photographic Art and Life Scenery | 大音希聲,大象無形-論張照堂的攝影藝術與生命風景 - KUO Lihsin, 郭力昕
From Manipulating Reality to Questioning Reality - Loose Thoughts on the Photography of Chang Chao-Tang | 「操」弄現實成為「可」疑問的現實:論張照堂攝影 - GU Zheng, 顧錚
張照堂的影像詩 - Yunlong GUAN, 管運龍
Concealment, Masks, Absence - The Visual System in Chang Chao-Tang's Photography | 遮隱·面具·缺席:張照堂攝影中的視覺系統 - LIN Chiming, 林志明
A Dark Room in Clear Chamber, a Faint Light in a Darkroom | 明室中有暗房,暗房裡有微光 - CHANG Shihlun, 張世倫
The Dualistic Documentary Eye - A Preliminary Study of Chang Chao-Tang's Documentaries of the 1970s | 雙重性的紀實之間:初論張照堂一九七零年代的紀錄片 - SING Songyong, 孫松榮
Detachment and Bizarreness - Some Thoughts on Chang Chao-Tang's Films and Their Relationship with Music | 疏離與詭異:張照堂的影像與配樂的美學 - HO Tunghung, 何東洪
Reflections on Photo Anthologies | 閱讀張照堂所編著攝影集的些許思考 - SHEN Chaoliang, 沈昭良
關於歲月書寫 - CHANG Chaotang, 張照堂
無聊的張照堂 - HUANG Huacheng, 黃華成
張照堂的照片 - Chienghsun CHIANG, 江建勳
十分冷淡存知己,一起微茫度廣宇:說照堂的二張老照片 - HUANG Yungsung, 黃永松
讓照片自己去說 - CHUANG Ling, 莊靈
一種回顧 - LIANG Chengchu, 梁正居
浮洲的交會 - HUANG Tzyyming, 黃子明
1970-1975·張照堂·與我 - QUO Yingsheng, 郭英聲
張照堂攝影 - LAW Waiming, 羅維明
獨特的映像語言 - WANG Hsin, 王信
歲月·告白·回顧 - KUAN Hsiaojung, 關曉榮
敏感而聰明的虛無者 張照堂:推介1979年生活筆記的攝影 - Ying NIE, 聶贏
攝影家 張照堂二三事 - SHU Kuochih, 舒國治
一號人物:不僅僅是拍照的大哥 - Huilong CHEN, 陳輝龍
歲月尋找 - LIU Chenhsiang, 劉振祥
張張照片堂堂皇皇的綺麗男:張照堂 - KAO Chungli, 高重黎
學習與認識 - PAN Hsiaohsia, 潘小俠
他的肩膀 - HO Chingtai, 何經泰
寡言、冷靜、細膩:張照堂 - HSIEH Santai, 謝三泰
石室之死亡 - Luofu MO, 莫洛夫
張照堂的影像詩 - Yunlong GUAN, 管運龍
記憶與忘記:張照堂的三張照片 - Kongkin YAU, 邱剛健
一種觀察者的身形 - WANG Yalun, 王雅倫
張照堂的影像詩與「找路」美學 - WANG Shenghong, 王聖閎
火宅之人·光影巫者 - Zhuojun XI, 襲桌軍
人文 vs. 譬喻的景窗 - Jiaoqing XIAO, 蕭家慶
軌跡·詭跡 - TSENG Minhsiung, 曾敏雄
兩張照片 - KUO Lihsin, 郭力昕
看見大師七十的背影 - YU Ben, 游本寬


- Po-I CHEN, 陳伯義
讓人聯想世紀終末的風景 - LIN Mengshan, 林盟山
一個人的逆旅 - CHEN Shunchu, 陳順築
滚石佬不生苔 - LIN Poliang, 林柏樑
頭顱一不在 - HSIAO Yungsheng, 蕭永盛
等待犀牛 - LEE Weii, 李威儀
創作無需揮別青春 - CHANG Changsong, 張蒼松
看見了風景、聽到了聲音、聞到了味道 - CHIEN Yunping, 簡永彬
身影·張照堂 - SHEN Chaoliang, 沈昭良
牆面及街景 - LIN Chiming, 林志明
看見 - Kai LIU, 劉開
「抵抗寂寞的手段」之外 - Hanxia HUANG, 黃翰狹
影像是張照堂的言語、符號、和表徵 - CHEN Chaoxing, 陳朝興
半世紀的凝視 - Rangmin LIN, 林懹民
關於這個世界,我有些擔憂 - ROAN Chingyueh, 阮慶岳
非影像 歲月書寫 - CHANG Chaotang, 張照堂
Chang Chao-Tang
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Chang Chao-Tang, 張照堂

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