This publication features papers presented at the seminar of Changdong 6th Artists' Workshop 2007.
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The Problem of JOSeub - KANG Honggoo, 강홍구
Being Alice in the body, the place: Ahn Kang-hyun's Video Performance - JUNG Hyun, 정현
A Social Investigation into the Signs of the Death - LEE Sunyoung, 이선영
Imaquark, Utopian Empire and Prototype of History (Works by Ahn, Doo-jin) - Cody CHOI, 최코디
Dinh Cong Dat's Buddhistic Approach - Eunhee YANG, 양은희
Space of Collected sense (Works by Jang, Suk-joon) - KIM Mijin, 김미진
Inquiry on the Work of Lee, Jong-geon - LEE Daebum, 이대범
Problem of Shansui, the landscape in nature and the landscape (Works by Park, Nung-saeng) - KIM Sangchul, 김상철
The Open Concealment as a way of understanding the photographs of Kim, Yunho - LEE Sop
Fractal (Works by Albrecht Wild) - SUH Jinsuk, 서진석
Interview: Jung Seung(artist) and Kim, Jang Un (curator, writer), Nov 07
Find the way of his own view (Works by Lee Sang-won) - HA Gyehoon, 하계훈
Brief Statement of Moon, Sungsic - BAN Ejung, 반이정
Gigi Scaria - Comment on the 'Location of Art' - KIM Inhye, 김인혜
Changdong 6th Artists' Workshop 2007
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Changdong 6th Artists' Workshop 2007

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