This publication is produced on the occasion of the exhibition 'Chen Tong in October' at Manufactura's Studio, Wuhan and various venues.

How to make an exhibition unlike an exhibition? Since this March, manufactura’s studio, artists Xu Tan and Chen Tong have some intermittent talks about it. Chen Tong borrowed the film’s name Lenin in october and calls this exhibition about himself “Chen Tong in october”. The curator Xu Tan proved that the october in the film is Russian calendar in october, so Chen Tong in the Gregorian calendar in November is in fact in lunar calendar in october. But this is not the heart of the discussion. Requested by Xu Tan, Chen Tong should fully reflect this time the features and notions of his painting. Althougth his painting looks traditional, for Chen Tong, how does it achieve a unity with his work of contemporary culture started since the 1990s? “Nouveau Roman” “Libreria Borges” ” Guangdong express”, these things with little correlation compose exactly Chen Tong’s external image. This exhibition will show some amazing works for us to be acquainted with the relationship between an artist and his period, at the same time, to get to know ourselves, to discover the creativity inside everyone.' (from website of Manufactura's Studio)



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- XU Tan, 徐坦

Chen Tong in October
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Chen Tong in October, 陳侗在十月