This book is published in conjunction with the exhibition entitled 'Chinese Experimental Ink and Wash Exhibition' held at various locations in China, United States and Canada from 2002 to 2003. An academic symposium on Chinese Open and Experimental Ink and Wash is also held at Beijing University and The Space of Culture and Experiment, Tianjin, in 2003. The publication, together with the exhibition and symposium, aim at exploring the development of Chinese experimental ink in the last ten years. With artists' biographies.
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Kai fang de zhong guo shi yan shui mo — cong shu 1

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Planner's Words - ZHANG Yu, 張羽
Spiritual Manifestation: Preface to 'Chinese Open and Experimental Ink and Wash' - YIN Shuangxi, 殷雙喜
The Chinese Experimental Ink and Wash Seen from the Angle of the History of Art and the History of Ideology - PI Daojian, 皮道堅
Opening and Extending: The Significance of Experimental Ink and Wash in Art History - YIN Shuangxi, 殷雙喜
Contemporary Chinese Ink and Wash Under Cross-Cultural Conditions - HUANG Du, 黃篤
'Black and White' and the Disappearance of the Modern Character - ZHANG Yiwu, 張頤武
Rules of the Game in Experimental Ink and Wash - ZENG Chunhua, 曾春華
Chinese Open and Experimental Ink and Wash, Vol.1: Special Volume of Chinese Ink and Wash Exhibition
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Chinese Open and Experimental Ink and Wash, Vol.1: Special Volume of Chinese Ink and Wash Exhibition, 開放的中國實驗水墨 — 叢書1