'Chuen Lung, an idyllic settlement in Hong Kong's Tai Mo Shan, is home to an almost 600-year-old village. In a memorable encounter, art said Hi! to amiable villagers who waved back by infusing art with vitality of the everyday. 

This publication is a review and return of Hi! Hill—Art in-Situ. Encapsulating lively co-creations and committed revisits, this memento for all villagers and participants is also a filed record of art as social interaction.'—from back cover

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Essays / 專題文章

Community Art: A Paradigm and Challenges Hi! Hill—Art in-Situ as an Example / 社區藝術的範式與挑戰—以《邂逅!山川人》的《在地藝術》駐村藝術項目為例

- LEUNG Chinfung Jeff, 梁展峰

Sharing and Learning Together to Connect Dots, Lines and Planes / 由分享與學習開始去建構點,線,面

- Clara CHEUNG, 張嘉莉

To Encounter / 邂逅 (haai hau)

- YEUNG Yang, 楊陽

In Retrospect / 回顧


 Ciao! Hill / 再會! 山川人

- CHEUNG Waiting Stephanie, 張慧婷

Historial Study / 歷史研究

 River of Time: Chuen Lung in History / 川流不息:歷史中的川龍 - Anthony Li Ho-fai, 李浩輝

Project Overview/ 項目概覽

Through the Seasons / 與川龍共渡四季

Art Projects/ 藝術項目


Lifestyles in Chuen Lung / 川龍百態地圖

Pokemals / 家家有神獸

Muses on Leaves / 葉上的精靈

Tap into the Flow / 山水龍頭栓

New Re New / 新新相續

Hakkaoke / 山旮旯OK

Ramie Garden / 苧麻公園

The Road / 黑泥白石反光水

Stories of the Fields / 田間的故事

Historical Study / 歷史研究

You Count on People: A Summary of the Memories of Vegetable Farmer Mr Law Hoi-tung / 種菜要靠人: 菜農羅海東先生回憶簡述

(Documentation and Editing: Chu Yiu-kwong)

Coda / 尾聲

Closing Gala / 歡樂!滿川龍

Ciao! Hill: Review and Return of Hi! Hill—Art in-Situ
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Ciao! Hill: Review and Return of Hi! Hill—Art in-Situ, 再會!山川人:《邂逅!山川人—在地藝術》紀錄及延續

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