This is the 9th issue of an untitled periodical series by 'The Workshop'. Ten publications appear in various printed/booklet forms claimed as 'periodical' but without a clear periodical format. Titles are 事外+11, 第三期, 六月, 上環, 置身/至新事外(g - san c - oi), 初稿, 流動影像, 都市風景 (City Graffiti), 攝影對談 respectively.

This issue consists of four booklets in various sizes; booklets were put together by sticky labels.

Contributors include 曾德平, 陳鳳儀, 姚敏, 章永泰, 陳穎隆, 岑震裘, 黎健強, 黃卓生, 陳嘉敏, 蘇慶強, 潘星磊, C.K. Yeung, Lo Kwok On, Chuk Lee Kwan, Micky Lee, 李銳奮, 冼兆榮, Chendra Thamsir, Jorge Moreira, Teddy Fung Kam Wah, Osiris Leung, Matthew Sharlot, Abby Robinson, Sharon Harper, 劉博智, 區慧蓮, 李綺雲, 李凡.

Editors are 譚少華, 李德銓, 吳世傑, 岑震裘, 陳肇棟, 楊振基, 陳嘉敏, 黎健強.

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城市風境 | (工作室刊物) | du shi feng jing | cheng shi feng jing

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City Graffiti
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City Graffiti, 都市風景