This is the catalogue for exhibition of the same name. City_net Asia is a collaborative project among museums and galleries from Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei and Shanghai.

"The Project, embracing the Asian’s perspective of seeking values, is to shed light on the political, economic, and cultural issues brought about from the primary cities of a few Asian nations. After independence from the Western powers, Asian countries, in terms of history, pushed ahead with their modernisation based on the systems and regulations of the Western civil nations. Paying attention to the fact that they sought to recover their non-accidental distinctiveness despite their heavy reliance on the West, the project, through the art language, explores the current status of Asian people and countries. We cast a series of questions, after passing through the long tunnels of mdoernisation, westernisation and globalisation in turn, where Asians embark on now. Fusing efficiently local traditions and regional issues with global matters, we believe that’s to narrow the gaps between the two worlds." (Rhee Won-il, from the catalogue)
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City Net Asia 2003

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The Eloquent Arrangements of Disparate Time Zones and Spaces - New Asian Perspective

- RHEE Wonil, 이원일

The Reality of Today's China

- ZHANG Qing, 張晴

Urban Relationship, Sustainable

- Michiko KASAHARA, 笠原美智子

Transitional reActs

- CHANG Fangwei, 張芳薇

Aesthetics of New Craftmanship

- LEE Eunju, 이은주

City_net Asia 2003
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City_net Asia 2003