'The nine highly established Korean women artists featured in this book are profoundly impacting the art world today producing revolutionary works encompassing critical issues emerging from the cultural differences in this globalising world. Based upon feminine sensitivities, the artists show concerns toward the lesser,  minor, secondary objects and places of value in which any post-theories had been dealt with. Korean artists utilize their composite images as an artistic means of self-projection. In this process, Korean women artists, who learned how to visualize the differences, prefigure desirable perspectives for Korean artworks.' - from Preface.

This book takes as its point of departure nine examples of Korean woman artists and proceeds to explore different grounds of theoretical issues that lie on the blurring boundaries of art history, criticism, theory, and philosophy. Ideas that are taken accounted into include localisation of culture, modernity outside the context of the West, Korean (art) history, feminism and art, as well as the role of women artists in the contemporary capitalist art world.

Written by Jin Whui-yeon; translated by Jung Ha-yun
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Contemporary Korean Arts Series

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1. Introduction: Emergences of Korean Women Artists and Their Identities
2. Bespeaking History and Reality
Yun Sujnam
3. Issues with Ambiguous Boundaries
Yang Haegue
Kim Sora
Nikki S. Lee
Koo Jeong-a
4. Politics, Craft, and Religions of Future in Arts
Yee Sookyung
Lim Minouk
Ham Younjoo
5. Conclusion: Vision for Korean Art and Transboundary Philosophy
Coexisting Differences: Women Artists in Contemporary Korean Art
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Coexisting Differences: Women Artists in Contemporary Korean Art

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