'Colors of Korea' was originally held to celebrate the reopening of the Seoul Museum of Art after a major refurbishment in Spring 2002, but since then has travelled to several locations in Japan. Although scaled down to fit the various locations, enough remains to provide an overview of the original event. This present volume is the Japanese catalogue to accompany the exhibitions at Nagoya, Osaka and Iwate. Focussing around keywords of 'color' and 'light,' the works on show were chosen to present a broad variety of Korean art; "dating from the Joseon period down to the present in addition to clothes and everyday objects... The traditional color sense based on Yin-Yang and the five elements, the colors used by the Korean people today and the colors of the new digital age - the color and light of past, present and future are all to be found in this exhibition." - Extract from the Introduction. Essays in Japanese and English. Includes biographical information.
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The Color of Korea - YU Junsang, 유준상
Color in Korean Culture - CHUNG Siwha
From Lines to Colors - Inuhiko YOMOTA, 四方田 犬彦
Colour of Korea: Celebrating the Year of Japan - Korea National Exchange in 2002
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Colour of Korea: Celebrating the Year of Japan - Korea National Exchange in 2002