'Column is a bi-annual periodical published by Artspace that acts as a site for the critical contextualization, elaboration and extension of Artspace's ongoing program of exhibitions, performances, residencies, and public programs, as well as providing space for response to related developments outside Artspace.' from the Artspace website

'Spaces of Art: institutional and post-institutional practices in contemporary art engages questions crucial to the future of art institutions and their relationship to contemporary practice in the 21st century. Exploring issues underpinning some of the key curatorial trajectories of the past decade, conditions informing collective production and individual labour, and the shifting relationship of artists, curators, critics and cultural producers toward working within and outside of institutions, Spaces of Art presents concrete discursive contexts and speculative propositions for a range of ongoing experimental practices in Australia, the Asia-Pacific and beyond.' from the back cover

The Archive holds Column No.1-4. 
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Spaces of Art: Institutional and Post-Institutional Practices in Contemporary Art

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Chapter headings
Foreword: Column 4 - Blair FRENCH
Introduction: Spaces of Art - Reuben KEEHAN
On Programmatic Investigations of Trans-locality - Nina MONTMANN
Installation as Critique, Installation as Philosophy - Anthony GARDNER
The Distance of Our Time - LEE Wengchoy, 李永財
Unforgettable Setback with No Name: Speculations on the IAS Crisis - KIM Heejin, 김희진
We are Together: Resistance from the Inside - Emma BUGDEN
Governmentality and the Post-institutional Self-precarisation of Cultural Producers - Isabell LOREY
Critical Art in the Belly of the Beast - Alex BAKER
Monster institutions: Institutional Critique, Next Phase - Gerald RAUNIG
Complaints and Relevancy - Ade DARMAWAN
Dada in the Post-colonial Field: Dave Hullfish Bailey's CityCat Project for Brisbane - David PESTORIUS
Days like these: Temporality, Place and Social Engagement - David CROSS
Networked Collaborations: Untimely Engagements in Contemporary Art - Art of Engagement Team
The Bon Scott Project: Re-casting Fremantle Arts Centre - Jasmin STEPHENS
One Foot in, One Foor out - Hannah MATHEWS
Live in your Chosen World while Trying to Think Otherwise - Laura PRESTON
Kindness and Criticality - Simon MAIDMENT
Surveyors and Survivalists - Thomas J. BERGHUIS
Institution does not Exist - Lily HIBBERD
Column 4: Spaces of Art
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Column 4: Spaces of Art