Catalogue published on the occasion of the above mentioned exhibition held at Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing in 2008. With artist biographies. Please note that only Chinese artists are listed below.

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Drifting Stone Raft

- XIA Jifeng, 夏季風

Community of Tastes

- ZUO Jing, 左靖

The Politics of Taste

- Carol Yinghua LU, 盧迎華


- ZHANG Yaxuan, 張亞璇

Ai Weiwei: At the Time


Cao Fei: A 'Cosplayer' of an Alternative History

- HOU Hanru, 侯瀚如

Illusion is a Personal Need - Wang Yaxian, Jiang Zhi
A Different Approach of Chinese Architecture

- Margherita ERRANTE

Liu Ding in Conversation with Gerald Matt
Liu Wei: Physiology, Vision, and Body Politics

- PI Li, 皮力

Border Project

- OU Ning, 歐寧, LEI Ray, 雷磊

A Momentary Pause in Impermanent and Everyday Lives: Comments on the Work of Qiu Zhijie

- GAO Shiming, 高士明

Catching Moonbeams in Water

- LENG Lin, 冷林

Wang Jianwei: An Intellectual Who Questions Knowledge - Li Zhenhua, Wang Jianwei
When Microscopic Experience Becomes the Criteria for All: The Alternative Artist Wang Luyan

- HUANG Du, 黃篤

Sites of Construction and Encounter - Nav Haq, Wang Wei
On Wang Xingwei's Recent Oil Paintings


Impression on Xu Zhen

- JIN Feng, ﹝老﹞金鋒

The Possibility of Film is What's Beyond It

- ZHANG Yaxuan, 張亞璇

New People - Zhao Bandi

- LENG Lin, 冷林

Mr. Camel, the Most Faithful Portrait of Shanghai Today: On Zhou Tiehai's Work

- HOU Hanru, 侯瀚如

Politics in Art - Wang Hui, Zhu Jinshi
Community of Tastes: The Inaugural Exhibition of Iberia Center for Contemporary Art
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Community of Tastes: The Inaugural Exhibition of Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, 趣味的共同體: 伊比利亞當代藝術中心開幕展