'Public art has been a recent topic of fervent discussion in Hong Kong. Established over decades in Western societies, the art is still debatable from the point of view of aesthetics, the use of public space, to the participation of stake-holders. Trespassing borders between fine art, design, architecture, environment and planning, public art can create a platform for issues such as public awareness, city identity, economic and environmental sustainability. It can provoke questions and actions for a contextually unique future.

Using City Art Square in Shatin as an example, Crossing Boundaries invited over thirty artists, architects, curators, residents, venue owners, sponsors, policy-makers, urban-planners and others to explore various possibilities of public art in Hong Kong.
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《藝術走過界》以位於沙田的「城市藝坊」作藍本,邀請三十多位藝術家、建築師、策展人、居民、場地擁有者、贊助人、政策制定和執行者、規劃及設計師等,探討公共藝術在香港,以至海外的種種可能性,期待讓美學的公共價值在本土扎根。年的生活。」 ─摘自出版社網頁
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Yi shu zou guo jie yi shu cheng shi ren

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The Ins and Outs of City Art Square | 城市藝坊--從「坊」內到「坊」外 - CHAN Yukkeung Kurt, 陳育強
Art and the Public Space | 藝術、公共空間與城市設計 - Peter Cookson SMITH
Nurturing Public Art | 公共藝術的牧人 - FUNG Wingkee Raymond, 馮永基
Art x City x People | 藝術×城市×人
City Voices x Art | 城市聲音×藝術
The Mission of Public Art | 公共藝術的目的
Art vs Public | 藝術性VS公共性
Public Art, the City and Locality | 公共藝術與城市
Public Art and Cultural/Urban Planning Policy | 公共藝術與文化/城規政策
Challenges and Learning | 一路走過來的歷程
Utopia | 理想國
Crossing Boundaries: Art x City x People
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Crossing Boundaries: Art x City x People, 藝術走過界: 藝術×城市×人

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