'Processuality and performativity, and more recently dramaturgy and choreography, have become central terms in the analysis of exhibitions and other presentational formats. These attributions reflect the changes curatorial practice has undergone over the past twenty years in the wider context of cultural and economic globalization and the related notions of acceleration, process orientation, and mobility. In this light, the exhibition manifests itself as a transdiciplinary and transcultural set of spatiotemporal relations, which is time-based by its very nature. Focusing on time instead of the typically predominant category of space, this publication - the second volume in the Cultures of the Curatorial series - takes up the key aesthetic, social, political, and economic issues of the early twenty-first century, running through the field framed by the axes of exhibiting and the temporal.

Contributors: Pierre Bal-Blanc, Bassam El Baroni, Claire Bishop, Beatric von Bismarck, Sabine Breitwieser, Barbara Clausen, Maeve Connolly, Rike Frank, Adrian Heathfireld, Nikolaus Hirsch, Inka Meissner, Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer, Maria Muhle, Philippe Parreno, Joern Scafaff, Bennett Simpson, Kerstin Stakemeier, Thomas Weski, Catherin Wood' (Excerpt from the backcover)

This book is divided into four sections: I.Temporalities II.Timing of Exhibitions III.Timing in Exhibitions IV.Reconsidering Exhibition Formats

Based on the conference "Timing - On the Temporal Dimension of Exhibiting" at the Hochschule fuer Grafik und Buchkunst / Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig, 19 - 21 January 2012.
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Chapter headings
Art as Capital - Art as Service - Art as Industry Timing Art in Capitalism - Kerstin STAKEMEIER
Clock Work - Bennett SIMPSON
The Times of Reenactment From Minimalism to Time-Based Media - Maria MUHLE
Plans Are Nothing - Planning is Everything Productive Misunderstandings of Time - Nikolaus HIRSCH
Universility without a Universal Subject on the Possibilities of Time in the Contemporary Group Exhibition - Bassam El BARONI
Timing as Curatorial Instrument Ydessa Hendeles's 'Partners' - Thomas WESKI
The 'Phalanstere Project' at CAC Bretigny, or 'De l'orgie de musee ou omnigamie mixte en ordre compose et harmonique' - Pierre BAL-BLANC
Interwoven Temporalities - Rike FRANK
Durational Aesthetics - Adrian HEATHFIELD
Vague Presence: Philippe Parreno in Conversation with Jorn Schafaff
Parallel Times Whether One's Own or That of Others on Curating Performance Art - Barbara CLAUSEN
Challenging Institutional Standard Time - Jörn SCHAFAFF
Grand Openings Return of the Blogs - Maeve CONNOLLY, Inka MEIßNER
Push and Pull The Artwork Enacted through Time - Catherine WOOD
Performative Exhibitions The Problem of Open-Endedness - Claire BISHOP
Who's Present in Presentation? On Lothar Baumgarten's 'Evening of Time - Senores Naturales.' Yanomami' - Benjamin MEYER-KRAHMER
Performance without Curators Art and the Public Sphere - Sabine BREITWIESER
Out of Sync, or Curatorial Heterochronicity 'Anti-Illusion: Procedures/Materials' - Beatrice VON BISMARCK
Cultures of the Curatorial: Timing on the Temporal Dimension of Exhibiting
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Cultures of the Curatorial: Timing on the Temporal Dimension of Exhibiting

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